Change in living: a living room makeover

livingroom The living room is not just a room where we do our living. It is a reflection of you and your family. Imagine having a shabby living room and flinching as you see it through your guests’ eyes.

Suddenly the lumpy sofa seems lumpier and the coffee table appears to have a dozen flaws. To avoid undergoing this mental torture, take some time to makeover your living room.

The idea of renovating a living room is to make it a cozy place for you and your family, but simultaneously also make it stylish and presentable for visitors. Even few right changes will transform the look of your living room.

Disaster relief

First things first, make sure that everything is in one piece. No cracked glass table top, no torn cushion covers, and no wobbly chair legs: a million embellishments may not cover up the harm caused by a broken piece of furniture.

Your wish is your command

Decide on the look of your living room. If you’ve always hated the modern art print on the wall, get rid of it. Be willing to make changes for an effective makeover.

Flaunt any piece of décor that you’re proud of in the living room. It could be an antique piece, an heirloom, a gift, or a memento from your travels: display it right and it will become a conversation piece whenever you have visitors.

Color and light

If you’ve always painted your house blue while repainting, you may never think of using another color. A makeover is the time to change that. Look at different shades and imagine their effect on your living room makeover.

The same rule applies to windows and curtains. Experiment with different ways of arranging curtains—leave them open, half or fully drawn if they’re sheer drapes; browse through new fabrics, patterns and designs. It will give a whole new look to your living room.

Create a pleasant ambiance and a warm welcoming atmosphere. It will work wonders for your mood as well as that of your guests.