Causes and Symptoms of Learning Disability

learing-disability-in-kids Causes and Symptoms of Learning Disability

Learning Disability is a condition in which the brain may receive message, process it and communicate message differently in some people and these people may learn things in a different way while their intelligence level remains average or above average. Learning disability makes the kid less attentive and he will behave like a problematic child. Kid’s having learning disability will show diverse characteristic that may affect the development of the child. If you can detect the disability early then you can take steps to correct it more effectively.  If you are aware of the symptoms of learning disability then it will be helpful for you to study the characteristic of your child.

Causes of Learning Disability

Learning disability is seen running through generations in a family and hence it can be a genetically inherited problem. Any injury that happens to a child while she/he is its mother’s womb or soon after the birth or early childhood may also leads to learning disability. Premature babies or babies who had diseases or infections just after birth are also prone to this problem. Any disorder in the nervous system may cause misinterpretation of sight and sound in certain kids who have normal hearing and vision. Learning disability is more commonly seen in boys than in girls.


Most common symptom is the disability while speaking. They may show deviation or delays in listening and speaking. Many kids may have problem in writing in a consistent manner. They may also cause spelling mistakes. They may also show difficulty in understanding the concepts, arithmetic operations, remembering instructions etc. some kids have problem in correlating things and to co-ordinate the body functions.

They may be poor performers with in a group. Some have poor co-ordination of visual-motor senses. They exhibit poor organizational skills. They experience difficulty in doing tasks that requires sequencing.

They need time to think and to express their idea. At times they may express wrong idea and become unable to convey the information and this makes them more frustrated.

Some may have mood swings. They may react differently at different times and may be more emotional and over excited than others. They have difficulty in making decisions and often their actions ends up with failure.

Kids having learning disability may not show all such symptoms but the symptoms they have won’t go off with their age.