Causes and Remedies for Dry Frizzy Hair

dry-frizzy-hair Causes for Dry Frizzy Hair

The type of hair for an individual is mainly determined by the genes. Frizzy hair is something that is inherited from parents. Frizzy hair lacks moisture and it needs a lot of care. These hairs will be porous and it can’t retain moisture for long.

In certain cases the frizzy hair arises due to the result of damages cuticle. If you have a healthy cuticle then its layers will be tightly packed so that it will reflect light and gives a shiny, silky and smooth appearance to the hair. If the cuticle is damaged then its layers won’t be tight and it may result in brittle and coarse hairs. Another cause for frizzy hair is the excessive humidity in the atmosphere and a prolonged exposure to high humidity will damage your hair and will make it coarse.

Remedies for Dry Frizzy Hair


Drink a lot of water that will help you to moisturize your skin and also your hair. Thus you can avoid the dryness of your hair.

Olive Oil

Instead of using vegetable cooking oils, you can use olive oil which in turn will improve the elasticity and vibrancy of your hair. You can also apply olive oil in the scalp and leave it for 2 hours. After that wrap the hair with a towel dipped in hot water and this will steam your hair. Now wash the hair with yoghurt and fuller’s earth.

Banana and Avocado

Massage your head with a paste made out of avocado and ripe bananas and allow this mixture to remain on the head for about 15 minutes. Rinse your hair with cold water.


Any oil other than essential oil may only make a coating over the cuticle and it won’t penetrate much in to the inner layers while essential oil will nourish the cuticle from its deep inner layers.  Rosemary oil if applied on your scalp will help you to protect your dry frizzy hair. Combine rosemary, burdock root, lavender, clover blossom, peanut oil in equal proportion and apply it in hair after washing. This will act as a conditioning pack. Similarly jojoba oil and emu oil can also protect you from dry frizzy hair. Emu oil contains essential fatty acid and omega 3’s and it has a deep penetrating power. It will super hydrate the skin, scalp and hair equally.

Hair Mask

Hair is made of dead proteins and any breakage in this needs more protein to build up and strengthen the hair. You have to mix one egg for half cup mayonnaise and take as much as mayonnaise and egg depending on our hair length. Apply this mixture on the scalp and make it covered with a shower cap. For obtaining deep conditioning, cover your head with a cap made out of aluminum foil. Aluminum foil cap will build up heat inside the cap. Leave this mixture on your head for about 45 minutes. There after rinse it with fresh cold water.