Cat Worms – Different Types of Worms Infesting Cats

Cat Worms

Cats are lovely pets that makes your home lively with their playful nature. But cats are prone to develop many health disorders like allergies, diarrhea, flea, worms etc. Most of the cats will suffer from   worm infestation at some point of time in their life.

Mostly kittens are prone to get worm infestation than cats as they are more curious and want to play in soil that has worm’s eggs and larvae.

These worm on reaching the stomach gets attached to the stomach lining and also in the small intestine. The worms then takes the nutrients from the cat and leaves the cat under nourished. These worms grows up with in the cat’s digestive system and there it produces eggs which in turn is passed out through the feces and thus spread the disease. Kittens may also get worm infestation from an infected mother through feeding.

Types of  Worms Infesting Cats

There are different types of  worms like roundworms, tape worms, hook worms etc.

Round Worms

Cats gets infected with round worms  by consuming infected mice, lizards, birds, bugs and also from contaminated soil.  Round worm infestation may cause diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy, weight loss and may also leave the cat with a pot belly. In severe case of roundworm infestation there may develop obstructions in the intestine and pneumonia.

Hook Worm

Hook worms can cling to the intestinal walls of the cat with their hooks and they will suck blood from the cat’s body. Cats infested with hook worm tend to develop anemia, blood in stools, diarrhea, weakness etc. If the hook worm infestation is left untreated then it may even  kill the cat.

Tape Worm

Tape worms may get in to your cat’s body while eating infested flies and eating uncooked meat. These worms may at times seen stick to the cat’s fur after passing out through the feces. These worms stick to the intestinal lining and may results in loss of weight with frequent appetite.

Heart worm is another type of worms that infest the cats but is rare. In order to avoid the cat worms, follow routine deworming medication. Kitten between the age of four to sixteen has to be dewormed at three weeks interval. From fourth month itself you need to deworm your cat once in every three months.