Cat Grooming – Tips for Grooming Your Cat

It is quite difficult to force the cats to stay indoors. If Ms. Kitty or Mr. Whiskers loves to spent time outdoors, it is necessary to groom your cat to keep diseases at bay. Contrary to what most cat owners believe, cat grooming can be quite easy if you know the correct grooming methods. If you have a pet, always remember that grooming is not an occasional affair. Instead, remember to set aside some time everyday for the regular cat grooming session.


To prevent hairballs or messy entangled hairs, brushing and combing should be done everyday, especially if you have a longhaired cat. You should always brush in the direction of the hair. If you discover that the tight knots could not be disentangled, simply cut off the tangled hairs with a sharp pair of scissors. If you have a longhaired pet, remember to trim the hair at the hindquarter frequently. Also, remember to brush your cat before giving it a bath. Cats should be brushed most during the spring and fall.

Trimming nails

Trimming nails is necessary to prevent humans and furniture from cat scratches. Clipping the cat’s nails is often the toughest part of cat grooming. Perhaps you might need professional help to trim the nails. If you want to clip the nails yourself, you should trim not more than one paw each day. Use clipper meant for cats for trimming the nails. You should ask a friend or family member to hold the cat gently by the neck, so that it could be immobilized, allowing you to trim the nails. Hold the paw and press beneath it so that the nails come out. Carefully cut the tip of the nail.


Cats should not be bathed frequently. Some pet grooming experts suggest that four baths a year is sufficient for most cats. To bath your cat, place it in a tub. Make sure that your cat sits quietly in the tub. Plug her ears with cotton balls. Now with a portable shower spray lukewarm water allover the cat’s coat. Apply shampoo meant for cats on the body, except the face. Rinse to remove all traces of shampoo from the cat’s body. Gently pat the cat dry with a towel.