Cat Carriers

Cat Carriers

Cat carriers are used for transporting cats . While going for a site seeing you can take your  cat along with you safely and easily in a cat carrier. If you try to carry your cat loosely in your hands or in car then it will be difficult for both of you.

Cat carriers are of different types and some of them are made of hard polypropylene while others of soft nylon fabric. Certain cat carriers have openings  on top of the carrier while some others have openings at sides or front. While purchasing cat carrier you need to think about your purpose and this helps you to choose one that is perfectly suit to your requirement.

Choosing The Right Cat Carrier

While choosing the cat carrier consider your cat’s size and choose a carrier that have enough space to accommodate your cat and also allow your cat to turn, sit, stand and lie down. If you want a cat carrier to be placed in your car then choose one that has a built in seat belt. This may help you to secure the carrier safely to the car seat. If you have only little use with cat carrier and you need to store them during the rest of the time then select one that can be easily folded in to a small unit. If you have more than one cat and you prefer to have a single cat carrier then choose a big carrier. While choosing cat carrier ensure that there is proper ventilation. If you have difficulty in carrying the cat carriers then choose one with wheels.

Types of Cat Carriers

There are three basic types of cat carriers and they are cardboard type, hard type and soft type.

Cardboard Cat Carriers

If you are planning to keep your cat indoor and you want a carrier only for taking your cat to hospitals then you can choose a cardboard carrier. They are less expensive but not much durable. Sometimes the stress caused by traveling makes your cat to urinate and the cardboard carrier becomes wet easily and may torn after sometime. It won’t be a good idea to carry a heavy cat in cardboard carrier.

Soft Cat Carriers

Soft carriers are firm and flexible and you can fold them after use and thus helps you to save the space. There are different types of soft carriers that has wheels, side pockets to carry water, leash and food. You can carry soft carriers to passenger part in some airlines and for this you need to check their requirements.

Hard Cat Carriers

They are firm and easy to handle. They are durable than other carriers and offer good ventilation too. Its easy to clean hard carriers. The only disadvantage is that it requires more storage space.