Casio G’zOne Rock Rugged Phone Comes With Outdoor Apps

Casio G’zOne Rock C731 Equipped with six great outdoors apps, Casio G’zOne (pronounced Jeez_wun) Rock is a fabulous companion for outdoor activities. From times of sunrises and sunsets to times of tides, your Casio G’zOne Rock will keep you informed about the prominent natural events. Moreover, the matte black colored rugged device could endure rough handling, making it the perfect phone for your hiking or fishing trips.

Casio G’zOne Rock C731 features
Rugged design
Casio G’zOne Rock is a new addition to Verizon Wireless’ rugged phone repertoire. This Casio device has been constructed according to the Military Standard 810F specifications. Casio G’zOne Rock could endure shock, dust, humidity, water, salt fog, vibration, altitude, solar radiation and extreme temperature changes.

Technical specifications
This rugged Casio phone flaunts a clamshell design with a small low-resolution external display and a high-resolution main internal display.

Casio G’zOne Rock has a standard alphanumeric keyboard. The 2-megapixel camera of the handset comes with LED light, still flash and video recording function. Music lovers will appreciate the touch sensitive music controls of the phone, present on the sub display of the handset.

The one-touch open button and push to talk function of the phone promises to enhance the communication features of the rugged handset. Running on the EV-DO Rev.A network of Verizon Wireless, Casio G’zOne Rock will offer robust two-way communication with your contacts. To support hands free communication Casio G’zOne Rock features speakerphone with stereo speaker mounted on the front face of the device. This Casio phone has an integrated music and video player. Verizon subscribers could access the V Cast Music with Rhapsody and V Cast Video services of Verizon for downloading their favorite songs and videos on the G’zOne Rock handset. This Casio phone features Bluetooth, USB port for PC syncing, GPS and microSD memory card slot.

Outdoor applications
Six outdoor applications are preinstalled in the Casio G’zOne Rock phone. You can use the Earth Compass as your compass. Its GPS could guide you to find your way to 40 locations throughout the world. The Walking Counter could be used for measuring your walking speed and the amount of energy burnt. To measure the temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, G’zOne Rock contains a Thermometer app. It has an Astro Calendar, which tracks the moon’s age, from the new moon to the full moon. You can also access the time of the sunrise, sunset and tides with this Casio phone.