Caring For Cashmere

cashmerecare1 Cashmere dresses and sweaters are valuable because of their fine quality and also their high prices. Cashmere clothes make stylish outfits that are sure to attract a lot of attention.

Cashmere itself is rich fiber – it is soft, strong, warm and light, much more than other fibers.  Obtained from the Cashmere goat, cashmere wool, commonly known as cashmere, is expensive due to its superior quality. Hence, you need to give proper care and treatment to preserve cashmere for a long time and get the best use out of it.

Washing cashmere

It is best to wash cashmere by hand as the softness of the fabric requires gentle treatment. Use lukewarm water for washing it. Strong detergents are harmful and can ruin your beautiful sweater or dress. Make use of a mild cleansing agent or a gentle shampoo to clean the sweater.

Drying cashmere

Avoid squeezing the sweater or folding it when wet as it will cause the garment to lose it shape. After washing, simply press the water out of the piece of clothing gently. Place it on a dry towel and roll it up. Unroll it and repeat the procedure.

Press out any remaining water in the sweater. Place it straight on a dry surface and let it dry in the air. Do not dry cashmere by hanging it. It will ruin the shape of the sweater.

Storing cashmere

Cashmere sweaters and dresses need to be stored with care. Fold the sweater delicately so that it does not crease. Keep it in an airtight bag to prevent a moth infestation.

You can use cotton bags, pillowcases or cedar chests to keep the pests away. Cashmere should not be kept on hangers as the shape of the sweater will be spoiled.

As rich and precious cashmere is, it deserves special treatment. So take care of your cashmere clothes and give them a long life.