Cares to be Taken for Anthurium Cultivation

cultivation Anthurium

Anthuriums are usually easy to grow provided they have proper environment. They will produce beautiful foliages and flowers which may last for months. It may produce flowers through out the year. The so called flower of anthurium consists of attractively colored spathe along with a tail like structure called spike. You can see different varieties with differently colored spathe and yellow, red or cream colored spike.

Cares to be Taken for Anthurium Cultivation

1.    Potting/ Growing Medium

While potting the anthurium you must take care to add coarse and well drained potting mixture. Anthuriums prefer organic soils that have good water retention capacity but with good drainage. They may grow in clay soils and sandy loam soils also. The most preferred growing medium includes coconut husk, peat moss, pine bark, brick pieces, perlite etc mixed with soil.

2.    Water

The water requirement of anthurium is moderate. It neither prefers water logging nor prefers drying up. Excess water will cause rotting of the roots and also yellowing of the leaves. While on drying the tips gets burned and roots gets damaged. In winter at 15 degree C anthurium needs little water for around 6 weeks and this rest will help the plant to flower profusely in next season.

3.    Humidity

Anthurium is a plant that likes humidity. So you can spray water on its foliage or can keep the pot on a tray containing water. While keeping the pot in the tray care should be taken to keep the pot over some pebbles in the tray and avoid the water from getting in to the pot.

4.    Light

Avoid direct sunlight for anthurium as they can’t withstand direct sun. Exposure to direct sun light may cause burns in the plant. Shaded bright lights are considered to be the best for anthurium.  If you keep the plant away from sunlight then it affect its growth and flowering and it will produce distorted leaves.

5.    Temperature

Anthurium can’t tolerate frost and a temperature below 50 degree F will result in retarded growth and yellowing of leaf and finally kill the plant. While temperature above 90 degree F cause drying of the leaves and flowers and finally destroy the entire plant.

6.    Fertilizer

Anthurium likes to have frequent fertilizing in small doses. Pellet and liquid fertilizers are available for anthurims and you can use them at monthly intervals

7.    Re potting

Re potting is an important step in maintaining the anthurium and it also help you to increase the number of anthurium. If the plant has enough healthy roots then you can separate the plant in to two and each part must get healthy roots. Annual repotting is found to be ideal for anthurium.