Care Your Health by Drinking Water

drinking-water Care Your Health by Drinking Water

Water plays an important role in maintaining our health. Human body consists of 50 to 70 percentage of water. Each and every part of our body requires water for maintaining the proper functions. It is necessary that every person must take at least 8 cups of water a day. Here are some benefits of drinking water.

Health Benefits of Water

Normal Functioning of Brain

The pure water is found to increase the physical and mental ability of a person. Human brain consists of 85 percentage water and any deficiency in water will cause head ache, chronic fatigue, migraines, depression etc. So you have to take enough water to keep your brain functioning.

Eliminate Toxins

Taking enough water will help you to get rid of the toxins present in the body. It is the kidney which removes the waste and toxins from our body. Kidney will help you to filter uric acid, lactic acid, urea etc from the blood and will expel these wastes through the urine. If we drink more water then it will increase the functioning of kidney and thus keeps us away from wastes.

Blood Circulation

Water intake will improve the blood circulation and thus will help us to mobilize the necessary elements towards the target area. Drinking more water will also keep you away from heart diseases.

Natural Balance of the Skin

It will also makes up the natural balance of the skin. Warm water will detoxify, revitalize, oxygenate and hydrate the skin and will help you to get rid of the blackheads. It imparts a healthy as well as glowing skin.


Water will promote the digestion of the food and thus makes us available of the nutrients present in the food. It will also help you to transfer these nutrients to the required places and to convert it in to energy.


Hunger and thirst sensations are triggered almost together and many of us may presume thirst sensation as hunger and will consume food. This may increase your body weight. If you drink enough water then it will prevent you from overeating and thus you can loss your weight. Intake of water will also aid us to burn more fat and to build up muscles.

Body Temperature

Water will help you to regulate your body temperature and will help you to replace the water that you lost through sweat and breath.