Care For Daffodils

The golden daffodils not only fill William Wordsworth’s heart with pleasure, but you can hardly come across a human being who is not enchanted by these wonderful flowers.

Growing daffodils

You can grow daffodils from either seeds or bulbs. However, it is easy to grow daffodils from bulbs. After planting the seeds or bulbs, you have to wait patiently for about three to five years to see the daffodils bloom in your yard. You can plant the daffodil bulbs in your garden in early autumn or late summer. Dig holes between 7 and 10cm deep in your garden. Bulbs of large daffodil species should be buried in holes at least 12cm deep. Line the bottom of the holes with bone meal or compost. Before planting the bulbs, make sure that the soil is well drained. Daffodils need mild acidic soil. If your garden soil is alkaline, you can reduce the alkalinity by adding soil sulfur. The bulbs should be at least 10cm apart from each other.

Care for daffodils

Daffodils need plenty of water and sunshine. Plant your daffodils in a spot that receives maximum sunlight. This helps the plants to fight the winter blues. Ensure that the plant remains moist. Water the plant as soon as the soil becomes dry. If you have a well-fertilized soil, you need not add extra fertilizers. Nonetheless, you can consider adding a low nitrogen fertilizer in early spring. You can easily enrich the soil of the flowerbed by spreading organic mulch.

Mulching is advisable in autumn. Mulching protects the daffodil bulbs from the adverse effects of freezing and thawing. After blooming, the foliage of the plant starts dying. Do not remove the foliage before it becomes yellow or as soon as its starts to change its color. You should wait until it has become at least half yellow, and only then is it safe to remove the foliage. The daffodil bulbs will not be harmed if you choose to ignore this process altogether. The yellow foliage, when it is not removed from the bulb, will become brown, and even add to mulching. To preserve the vitality of the bulbs, so that they can grow in the next season, promptly remove the flowers the moment they start wilting.