Canon Releases PowerShot G12

Canon PowerShot G12 is the latest member of the Canon’s famous PowerShot G series family. Three impressive features have been added to the latest Canon product, which has retained the design of its predecessor, Canon G11. The HS System and Hybrid IS have been integrated in the new Canon digital camera. This is the first model of the G-series to support high-definition (720p) movie shooting with stereo sound.

Thanks to Canon’s HS System, which has been included for the first time in a G-series model, PowerShot G12 users need not worry about the lighting condition while snapping pictures or shooting videos. The HS System has combined the sensitivity of a 10 megapixel CCD sensor with the power of the DIGIC 4 processor. The flash is not needed to shoot darker scenes. The HS System ensures exceptional image quality even while shooting at higher ISOs. The faster shutter speed will minimize risk of blur while capturing action scenes.

To capture distant scenes, a 28mm wide angle 5x optical lens has been included in the camera. The optical Image Stabilizer of the camera helps to produce sharp images even at very low shutter speed. The Hybrid IS technology integrated in the camera further enhances the image stabilization feature of Canon PowerShot G12. It will assist photographers to capture blur-free subjects placed only 1 cm away from the camera without the help of tripods. The Hybrid IS technology could counter the effects of angular movements and unintentional shifts, which are the major causes of image blurring.

The 2.8-inch high-resolution LCD display of PowerShot G12 with its rotating Vari-Angle design supports flexible shooting at different angles. The optical viewfinder of PowerShot G12 will help users to utilize different shooting styles. With the help of the RGB histogram, photographers could promptly check the details of an image soon after capturing it.

PowerShot G12 features a range of semi automatic modes. To shoot like a pro, you can control the different features of the camera manually. G12 users can combine the Front Dial with the rear Multi-Control Dial for adjusting the settings. Images captured with the camera could be edited with Digital Photo Professional software.

PowerShot G12 will be available from October for $499.99.