Canon Launches Versatile PowerShot S & SX Series Cameras

canon-powershot-s90 Canon has launched three new cameras – Canon PowerShot S90, Canon PowerShot SX20 IS and Canon PowerShot SX120 IS. While Canon PowerShot S90 is expected to be the best compact camera ever made by Canon, the new PowerShot SX series models are versatile lightweight cameras.

Canon PowerShot S90
Canon PowerShot S90 is an amalgamation of the features of the PowerShot Digital ELPH and PowerShot G series cameras. The 10-megapixel camera is fitted with High Sensitivity Sensor System of Canon. It contains a 3.8x optical zoom. Optical image stabilization feature is also incorporated in this upcoming Canon PowerShot S series camera. The 28mm wide-angle lens of the camera is designed to ensure image clarity even in low light condition.

The control ring allows users to adjust settings of different shooting modes. Photographers, who have attained expertise in handling digital cameras, would find PowerShot S90 suitable for manually adjusting the different settings of the camera. The recordings could be stored in RAW + JPEG format. The 3-inch Canon PureColor System LCD display is appropriately suited for displaying images in true colors.

Canon PowerShot S90 will be available from October for $429.99.

Canon PowerShot SX20 IS
This is an easy to use digital camera of the PowerShot SX series. This versatile camera includes a 12.1-megapixel sensor. To give you the best close-up shots, this camera features wide angle 20x optical zoom lens. The optical image stabilizer integrated in the camera is designed to reduce camera shakes. PowerShot SX20 IS also ensures high-definition video recordings. The 2.5-inch LCD display of the camera with the integrated PureColor System allows users to view images at different angles. The display of the camera is also fitted with a viewfinder.

Canon PowerShot SX20 IS will carry a price tag of $399.99 and will be available from September.

Canon PowerShot SX120 IS
Novice photographers would find the Easy Mode feature of this camera useful for planning their shots. The 10-megapixel sensor of PowerShot X120 IS along with the 10 x optical zoom lens is appropriate for capturing both close ups and long shots. The Optical Image Stabilization feature reduces the blurring effect of camera jerks. This camera is fitted with a 3-inch LCD display for image preview and menu display.

Canon PowerShot SX120 IS will be available from September for $249.99.