Candle in the house – decor

candle-in-the-house One’s house should be a pleasant and lovely space in order to make it a home. Tasteful décor for your apartment can make a wonderful change. Expensive interior decoration, however, is not everyone’s cup of tea. Therefore, introduce your home to elegance with candle décor.

The benefits of using candles for décor are manifold. Not only are they luminous but also inexpensive. Available in varied shapes, sizes, colors and designs, these wax wonders can transform the look and feel of your home.

Creative candles

Explore your artistic potential by making your own candles. Go through the required procedure well before laying hands on the wax. The best part is that you can create candles to suit your style and requirement. Experiment with wild shapes and colors for the various rooms of your house.

Candles on the wall

Candle wall sconces make it possible to lighten up the walls of a room with candlelight. These can serve as wall art themselves or even highlight particular artwork on the walls. For best results, follow a pattern or theme and work around it with the candles.

The candelabrum

A candelabrum was quite common in the olden days as part of all homes. Nowadays, it serves as a beautiful accessory for interior decoration. It looks impressive and casts a brilliant glow of candlelight on the walls of the house.

Flower and light

Candles also make for stunning centerpieces. Select a glass bowl, fill with water, and float a few small candles along with petals – voila! You’ve created a pretty centerpiece for your table.

As part of a table setting, you can also alternate flower arrangements with candles floating in a wine glass. Just ensure that you watch these arrangements carefully to avoid a disaster.

Once you have your candle décor in place, maintain and take care of it on a regular basis. Candles are probably not a good idea in a house filled with children. Even adults should exercise caution when using candles and extinguish them when not needed.