Camera Goggle For Capturing Underwater Scenes

Have you thought how interesting it would be to snap a photo or record a video with a hands free digital camera? You don’t have to worry about hand jerks. Moreover, while the hands free camera is doing its job, you can enjoy the action scenes to the fullest. Your dreams have been fulfilled by Liquid Image. The Swim Camera Goggle and the Snow Camera Goggle are two products that Liquid Image has created to give users the hands free photography experience.

Liquid Image Swim Camera Goggle
Liquid Image has brought the Freestyle Series camera goggle, which is the first swim goggle in the world. The Freestyle Series Swim Camera Goggle 330 comprises of a swim goggle equipped with an underwater digital camera. Fitted with a 62-degree lens, the Swim Camera Goggle could capture still images and videos up to a depth of 15 feet. Although the 1.3 megapixel resolution camera mode of the hands free unit seems pretty ordinary when compared with standard underwater cameras, in the near future, we can expect Liquid Image to create Swim Camera Goggle models with higher camera resolution. The camera mode of the Swim Camera Goggle could record videos along with audio at a speed of 30 frames per second. To enhance the quality of the underwater images, the camera goggle is fitted with LED flashlight. You can easily operate the hands free camera unit of the goggle. Simple switch on the camera, select the mode and then push the shutter button, and your goggle camera starts to do the assigned task automatically. The Swim Camera Goggle has 4GB internal storage space. The USB port of the camera goggle will facilitate data syncing with your PC.

The Swim Camera Goggle will be shipped from April this year at an estimated cost of $79.

Liquid Image Snow Camera Goggle
If you want to capture photos and videos while skiing, you can consider wearing the Liquid Image Summit Series Snow Camera Goggle 335. The Snow Camera Goggle features a 5-megapixel camera mode and a video mode capable of recording action scenes at a rate of 30 frames per second along with audio. It has 16MB internal memory, and with microSD card the external memory could be expanded up to 16GB

Snow Camera Goggle will be available in late summer for $149.