Cabin décor

Cabin décor Who wouldn’t love a week long retreat to a cozy cabin in the woods or near the lakes, mountains or sea? It’s a perfect escape from the pressures of the city with the constant demands from work and society. The last thing you need in your retreat cabin is another reminder of the place you left behind.

Hence, a cabin should have all the appearance of a rustic haven. The right décor creates the mood and appearance necessary to establish a sense of warm interiors for the weary guest. Stay away from modern looks and amenities; leave even your cell phone behind! Technology in the form of incessant ringing can ruin your holiday.

Live in the woods
You don’t actually have to live ‘in the woods’ for a rustic retreat, but you can surely bring wood into your cabin. Furnish the rooms with chairs, tables, lamps, or a bed made of wood.

The more natural elements you introduce in your cabin, the more relaxed you’ll feel. Nature has a calming, pleasant effect on the mind and senses. In terms of décor, there are plenty of possibilities for the natural theme.

Our green friends
Nature is incomplete without flora, that is, plant life. A few potted plants are necessary to create a natural feel in the cabin. Avoid using artificial plants and flowers. If you have potted plants or flowering plants, take good care of them and see that they grow well.

Comfort and joy
The point of a vacation in a cabin is to rest. After fishing, sailing, or skiing, you need to come back to a restful retreat. Ensure that your cabin has warm, welcoming touches that tempt you to snuggle in bed with good food, a drink and an interesting novel.

Rugs, blankets and cushions should be stored in abundance. Choose colors like browns, reds, and dark greens. Place sufficient lamps to light up the cabin in the evenings. A fireplace or candelabras would be wonderful; however, ensure that you can manage them without setting the place on fire.

Gear up for a great getaway at your cabin!