Buying a dresser

buying-a-dresser One of the most common and useful pieces of furniture in your house is the dresser. Don’t think of it just as a place to store clothes and other odds and ends. If you want to add to the beauty of your house, a good dresser can be a wonderful contribution.

It’s not all about appearances though. A stylish and attractive dresser may not be the best one and could easily wear out soon if it is not made properly. Research all your options thoroughly and measure your needs well before making a purchase.

The size
Dressers are available in varied sizes and shapes. Standard dressers are quite long and about waist-high; chests, as the name suggests, are chest-high and tall. Depending on the space available in your room, you need to find the right dresser to suit your needs.

Think about the uses you can put the dresser to as well. Some dressers offer more space and can store many items. Armoire dressers have shelf space and drawers and thus, are multi-functional.

Before selecting a dresser, ensure that you have measured the space in your room. It would be a pity if your brand new dresser sticks out at odd angles and looks awkward in the room. Besides, you also need to make sure that it does not interfere with any of the other furniture in the room.

The material
Wood is easily the strongest and therefore the best material for your dresser. It might be expensive but at least you’ll get good use out of it for years.

Construction test
A dresser should be durable and well-made. Check the drawers to see if they are smooth inside and outside. Open and close the drawers several times to ensure that they don’t break, get stuck or make squeaky sounds.

If you want, you can buy a dresser in a style that matches the rest of your furniture. Browse through many stores before deciding on a particular dresser. You may find something better at a cheaper rate in another shop.


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