Butt Exercises

Butt exercises are now a days very common as many women are now conscious of their butt size and shape. Most of them have too large or too tiny butt or sometimes have shapeless and floppy buttocks. In order to attain good butt shape and size there are some specific butt exercises. These butt exercises along with nutrition plan help you to attain a  perfect shape.  Here are some of the best butt exercises.


squat is considered as one of the best butt exercise that helps you to shape, tone and firm your butt. For doing this exercise stand straight with your legs kept wide apart and keep your toes directed outward. This helps to avoid giving weight on the toes. Keep a straight position with out curving the back and face your head frontward. Now holding light weight dumbbells at arm length bend your knees to squat. Then squeezing your inner thighs and butt regain your earlier position.  Repeat the exercise for eight times and on gaining practice add more weight to the dumbbells.

Walking Lunge

Lunge is a very good exercise that involves many muscles at a time like hamstrings, quads, glutes, calves etc. For this exercise, stand straight and firm with out curving your back and by keeping your feet together. Then take a large step forward and bend both of your knees so that your front leg will form an angle of 90 degree with your shin and knee in a straight line with the ankle of your feet. While the back knee will be a position nearly to touch the floor and extended posterior to you. Now with your front foot push up slowly and regain your starting position.

One legged Deadlifts

This is good for butt, lower back and hamstrings. Keep your left leg a small step back and gently resting on the toes. Now by holding the weights in front of your thighs incline from the hip by lowering the weights as down as possible or up to which your flexibility permits. While bending down keep your back in a flat position or hold the back with a natural curve. Also keep your abdominal muscles contracted in order to protect your back. Then slowly raise back by squeezing the glutes of the exercising leg. Now repeat the exercise with the other leg.

While doing butt exercises make sure that you are doing it in a controlled manner so that you can avoid adding strain to your knees and the resulting injuries.