Building A Koi Pond

Koi Pond A koi pond could be a stunning décor for your garden. Koi or Japanese carp is a variety of common carp that is used for embellishing the garden ponds. Moreover, the inquisitive nature of the fish makes them playful companions of humans.

Constructing a koi pond
A koi pond should be at least 3 feet deep. If you are living in a colder climatic area, where the water freezes during the winter, you should dig your koi pond at least up to a depth of 4 feet. For the survival of the fish, the pond should be capable of holding at least 1000 gallons of water. Install a rubber pond liner at the bottom of the pond to prevent water from seeping underground. While feeling water in your pond, avoid using chlorinated water. Since loss of pond water owing to evaporation could not be prevented, you should frequently replenish the water of the pond.

Choosing koi for the koi pond
The number of koi fish you will have in your pond depends on the volume of water your koi pond can hold. It is recommended that there should be one koi for every 500 gallons of water. There are several varieties of koi fish flaunting different colors and colorful patterns. You can select red, blue, yellow, black, white or cream colored koi from your local pet store.

Care for koi pond
You have constructed a koi pond and introduced koi fish in the pond, now it is time to take care of the fish. Koi fish could not survive in dirty water. You can install a mechanical filter to clean the water in the pond regularly. Filter waterfalls or skimmers can easily clean and aerate the pond water. To enable the water filters to work efficiently, you should frequently clean the filters according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. You should also keep your koi pond free from debris, fertilizers and pond scum. Several commercial products are available in the stores that can help to prevent algae growth in your koi pond. Koi fish could sometimes suffer from bacterial infections. The fish rubbing itself against the edge of the pond is usually the symptom of bacterial infection. Several bacteria killing products are available in the pet supply store, which can be added to the koi pond to kill the harmful bacteria present in the pond water.