Build a close relationship with a secret language

close-relationship Have you ever wondered how some couples seem so connected with each other? Forget about embarrassing public displays of affection: subtlety is the secret of close and intimate couples. They have their own private world and a secret code of communication. This is a vital bond that strengthens and supports their relationship.

If you think that having cute and funny nicknames for your beloved is stupid and corny, think again. However silly it may seem, if it keeps you two together in love, then there’s nothing wrong with your communication. In fact, building a language of love that only you can understand will bring you even closer to each other.

The most popular nicknames that couples have for each other are ‘honey’, sweetie’, ‘baby’, ‘darling’, ‘sweetheart’ etc. These endearments are used affectionately, to show your love for each other.

However, there is nothing wrong with developing your own special nicknames. For example, if, in a relationship, one of them is fond of rock music, the other would probably address him or her with the name of their favorite artist.

Alternatively, if, on a trip, one has a funny incident with food or anything else, the other could come up with a nickname related to it. This name, when used in later years, will always remind the couple of their vacation.

Of course, the incident needs to be a pleasant one. The partner probably wouldn’t want to be reminded constantly of something humiliating with a related nickname.

Code language
Most close couples have particular codes for something they want to convey to each other in a crowded place if they don’t want to refer to it directly. This especially is helpful and also reveals how well the couple knows each other. A complete understanding of the other’s needs means that he or she only has to say a word or two for conveying the message.

Communication is significant for a happy relationship. Having one’s own secret language for communication makes your relationship special and intimate.