Budget makeover for your bedroom

beautiful-bedroom Sleeping in a dreary bedroom day after day tends to become depressing. Waking up to the dreariness is even worse: it reminds you of the long day at work and you feel like staying in bed.

A person’s bedroom is their retreat into another world – a place where they can forget their worries for a while and get some peace and rest. Hence this room needs to reflect and generate coziness and warmth. If your bedroom is losing its luster, then it may be time for a makeover.

A bedroom renovation doesn’t have to be expensive. You can save big bucks on furnishings and accessories by utilizing a few creative tricks in giving a makeover to your bedroom.

New cover story

Cover the chairs, tables, beds etc with new covers. You can make these if you possess talent with a sewing machine; otherwise it is best to get them stitched professionally.

Pillow covers can also be changed for new patterns and colors. If the old ones are in good condition, adorn them with lace, embroidery etc.

Bed time tales

The bed is clearly the focus of the bedroom. It is the central piece of furniture as it gives you a good night’s rest. Polish the bed with a fresh color and brighten it with new bedspreads, sheets and pillows.

Take advantage of sales and buy essential items such as sheets and covers at a discount rate. Then, when your bedroom starts looking dull, you already have items to give it a new look at no additional cost.

Elegant Walls

Repaint the walls with a new color. Or you can also highlight one side wall with a unique color. Select something bold and bright for emphasis.

Art and theme

Give a new meaning to the artwork on your walls by incorporating a theme into it. For example, you can display family photographs of children’s birthdays.

Little changes in the look and feel of your room can make it new. And your pocket won’t feel lighter either!