BT-1 – First Bluetooth Webcam for Mac

bt-1-first-bluetooth-webcam With BT-1, Mac users have some real reason to rejoice. This is the first Bluetooth webcam, which can be used for video chats. The ease of wireless communication ensures that you can place your webcam anywhere you desire.

System Requirement
Macs manufactured since 2005 are equipped with Bluetooth and EDR. This is the basic system requirement for working BT-1. To get further impressive results with this new Bluetooth webcam, Mac OS x 1.5 Leopard is desirable.

Bluetooth advantage
Most Macs are fitted with built-in fixed cameras. The biggest disadvantage of using fixed camera is lack of portability. It cannot be used to capture different images, located at different places. The wireless Bluetooth camera could be moved in different locations throughout the room. The utility of Bluetooth camera can be appreciated especially during conferences, when it can be moved around from person to person in a room easily. Another advantage of Bluetooth device is ease in configuring it. Your Mac can promptly detect and pair with your Bluetooth webcam. Bluetooth devices also consume lesser power compared to Wi-Fi. BT-1 can run for up to 4 hours on a single battery charge.

Suitable for video chat
BT-1 can be used on any Mac program meant for using video cameras, including Skype, iChat, Yahoo, QuickTime Player Pro and Photo Booth. It can be used for video chats. Mac users will find BT-1 especially useful while working on websites such as YouTube, Ustream and Stickam.

Easy to use
BT-1 needs drivers to work. The driver can be easily installed. Even if you do not manually turn off the webcam, it will automatically switch off after twenty minutes of inactivity. To turn BT-1 either on or off, you simply have to push the power button for one second.

Other features
BT-1 features a microphone. It is shipped with a mini tripod and a USB cable. In addition, BT-1 can also be used for home security. To use it to monitor your room you need separate security software.

BT-1 costs $150.