Bridal shower – destination

destination bridal shower Have you tried and tested every theme in the book when it comes to bridal showers? Then you might as well give destination bridal showers a try. This kind of shower is perfect for a small intimate gathering of people, although a large party would have a blast too.

A destination bridal shower offers a dual benefit – the shower and a fun trip, all in one package. If you’ve been planning a weekend getaway but just can’t find the time, a destination bridal shower offers the perfect opportunity to have fun and complete an important duty.

Where to go?
The destination of your destination bridal shower has to be chosen thoughtfully. You need to ensure that all the guests can make it to the location. A destination bridal shower would be very convenient if you have out-of-town guests. The best thing to do would be to hold the shower at a location closest to where the out-of-towners stay and which is convenient for you too.

Advance planning
Whether it is a hotel, resort, beach house or country club, a bridal shower at any of these locations needs a lot of planning. As the host, you will need to check the availability of the place and make reservations for the guests.

The events have to be planned in keeping with the location. You wouldn’t want the guests to be bored so plan out every part of their weekend. Make sure you include rest time as well.

Work and pleasure
If the wedding is going to be held out of town, a destination bridal shower offers an opportunity to get some wedding planning done as well. Perhaps the location could be checked out, or the décor and food could be arranged. These could be a part of the activities of your destination bridal shower.

The duration of a destination bridal shower could range from a few days to one week. Just ensure that you have a fun-filled trip planned for the guests. This is a great time to bond with each other and prepare for the upcoming big day.