Breast cancer: mark the symptoms and treatment

breast-cancer Breast cancer is a disease that is claiming more women worldwide every year. Experts claim that U.S has the greatest number of breast cancer patients currently in the world.

In 2008, there were around 182,460 women in US who came under the clutches of this disease.

Since it is a major ailment affecting millions of women worldwide; therefore it’s necessary to be aware of its common symptoms and treatment.

How to detect the possibility of a breast cancer? One must first understand what causes this deadly disease. Breast cancer occurs mainly due to cancerous growth in breast glands and tissues.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Some common symptoms of this ailment are tenderness of nipples and inflammation on the breast sides or near armpit region.

Besides, there will be other visible symptoms like a change in the position of nipples, alterations in breast size and shape, redness or puffiness over the breast region. Also, one might notice fluid secretion from one’s nipples.

Breast cancer might or might not cause pain. Nevertheless, one should consult a good physician in case one is experiencing such disorders.

Diagnosis methods

If your doctor confirms that you have breast cancer then the diagnosis process begins. Some tests conducted during this phase are diagnostic mammogram, clinical breast examination, MRI test, ultrasound test and a biopsy.

These tests are performed to find out what is the stage of the cancer, which breast part has it impacted and how far is its spread. Also, it helps to decide the treatment method.

Also, other special tests like hormone receptor test are carried out for further diagnostic purposes.

Treatment techniques of Breast Cancer

Once the diagnosis is over, the specialists decide on the mode of treatment. The most common modes of treating breast cancer are surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Some common types of surgery for breast cancer are mastectomy and breast-sparing surgery.

In radiation therapy, some heavy-energy radiations are used to finish off the cancer cells within the breast region. Radiation can be given externally or internally.

Chemotherapy uses some specific drugs to destroy the disease causing agents. Multiple drug combinations can be given to the patient if the need arises.

Other than these, newer modes of treatment like hormone therapy and biological therapy are also utilized to treat breast cancer.