Break out of your relationship ruts

relationship-ruts The most irritating thing about routines is exactly that: they are routine; humdrum, tedious and boring. Students may get tired of daily lectures, working professionals may long to break away from the grind of everyday office work, and housewives may crave a break from daily chores. This often makes people feel like they’re in a rut – no excitement or fun in life. Can your relationship fall into a rut too?

The answer is yes. If you’ve been with the same person for a long time or are a married couple, you may start feeling, at some point, that your relationship is beginning to fade.

Having dinner together, going for a movie on Saturday night, picking each other up from work etc tend to become like routine chores. All of a sudden, the excitement isn’t there, there’s no fire, no passion in your actions and talks.

Make the first move and take the necessary measures to bring your relationship out of the rut.

Rekindle the romance
It’s been said many times before and in many ways, but it can’t be said enough – be creative. Creativity adds a zing to various aspects of life. Think of new ways to bring back the spark in your relationship.

Surprise your beloved with unexpected phone calls, letters or presents. Nothing expensive is needed; even little gestures of love and affection are enough. Plan a weekend away together to some new exotic destination. Save up for it, if finance is an issue; it’ll be worth the fun you’ll have later.

Bring novelty to your routine
You can’t ignore your daily chores; the clothes have to be washed, the house has to be cleaned and the dishes have to be done. But how they are done depends on you.

Instead of taking turns at these boring tasks, do them together. Let the music play in the background as you do the work chatting about your dreams and fantasies.

Avoid turning away from each other when the relationship starts falling into a rut. Instead find ways to come closer to each other.