Boost Memory With Exercises

Exercise is not only good for your health but it is also good for your mind. To increase your mental agility, you should remain physically as well as mentally active.Physical exercise for boosting memory

Regular workouts would not only keep your heart and lungs healthy, but they are even capable of boosting your brain function. Exercises enhance blood circulation throughout the body, including the brain. Increased circulation of oxygenated blood in the brain nourishes the brain cells and prevents degeneration of these cells. To boost your cognitive activities, you need not participate in vigorous physical activities.

Moderate aerobic or cardio exercises can enhance your brainpower. Brisk walking is the finest and most effective exercise for the brain. Moreover, walking is the most appropriate exercise for the older adults. Studies have shown that aged people who walked for at least 20 minutes could improve their learning skill, enhance concentration and reduce the risk of cerebral strokes.

Studies have even shown that regular exercises could boost growth of new brain cells in senior citizens. Physical exercises could also prevent depression and stress, which are often responsible for memory loss.

Brain exercises for boosting memory
The brain is the most underutilized organ of the body. Brain exercises tend to improve the cognitive skill by making use of greater parts of the brain. To prevent memory loss and to boost memory, you should practice simple brain exercises everyday. Neurobic exercises have been developed to augment the brain function by utilizing the five senses.

We can’t think about doing any task by closing our eyes. To boost your brainpower, try to do your regular activities, such as bathing, dressing and eating with your eyes closed. Try to combine multiple senses in identifying objects. Try to associate objects with specific sounds or smell. Read something new everyday.

Learning a new word or starting a new hobby can help to stimulate the brain. If you frequently challenge your brain to learn new things, the brain cells can grow and rejuvenate. Try to break away from the regular routines. When you return home from work, try to take different routes each day. Right-handed people should try to do their regular tasks with the left hand, whereas left-handed people should try to make more use of their right hand.


  • I recently learned that physical exercise can actually generate new neurons (brain cells) in your brain!! This, of course, on top of the fact that it enhances your brain function due to improved blood flow and generation of helpful chemicals in the brain.