Boost Brainpower with Easy Tips

boost-brainpower If you really want your brain to be powerful then you have to follow some tips everyday. Each day counts in the process of sharpening your brain. The more you use it the sharper it will become. If you think that you will only let your brain work for a few days and let it relax on other days then you will not get what you want. Start taking care of your brain in an active manner from today if you wish to have a sharper mind. If you care of it then you will find that it is functioning in a better manner.

Quench Your Brain’s Thirst

Yes your brain can be thirsty just like you. You have to keep your brain properly hydrated because the brain actually comprises 80 percent water.

Therefore, it you don’t give it sufficient water then the neurons will not work as they are expected to. You need to drink at least eight glasses of water everyday to keep your brain smart. Make sure that you stay away from too many cups of coffee or alcohol.

Don’t Take the Beaten Path

If you introduce small breaks in your daily routine, then you will be doing your brain good. New areas of your brain will get stimulated and you will be able to improve your learning skills. You can try to jog in the backward direction or write with your left hand if you are right-handed. Try it out.

Avoid Sleep Deprivation

If you do not get proper sleep then you will not be able to concentrate on your work or learn things in the right manner. Your memory can also suffer.

You need at least seven hours of good sleep to make your brain work well.

Make sure that you do not get disturbed in your sleep. You should feel energized after waking up.


  • Doing all sorts of things, we sometimes become dull. Its important to boost our brain. Forget the old tradition of eating almonds, dry fruits. One can go discover new hobbies and increase energy, try some fun tactics like write 10 things on a sheet of paper and recollect it after an hour or two.