Bodybuilding Diet

Bodybuilding diet is designed for those who want to develop muscle and at the same time want to eliminate fat. As a bodybuilder you need not starve instead you have to take proper nutritious food. Bodybuilding diet consists of complex carbohydrates and high protein. You have to increase the frequency of your meals while reducing the quantity. Your each meal should contain 40 percent carbohydrates, 40 percent protein and 20 percent good fats. If your meals are not proportionate then your body will have a tendency to store the carbohydrate in to fat.


Carbohydrates are good sources for energy and if you are for a bodybuilding diet then get carbohydrate from complex and slow releasing sources. It includes grits, oatmeal, sweat potatoes, brown rice etc.


Proteins being the building block of all the tissues help you to build a perfect body. You will get good protein from tuna, chicken, lean red meat, turkey etc.


Fats play an important role in lubricating the joints, maintaining the normal brain functioning, manufacturing of hormones etc. The fat that you take must comes from polyunsaturated and monounsaturated sources. Bad fat may cause obesity and other diseases. Good fat comes from flax seed oil, extra virgin olive oil etc.

Body Building Diet

You have to take six small meals in 2 ½ hours gap

Meal 1

Take one cup of egg white along with a single yolk and 3 ounce oats, one banana, one slice of low fat cheese and one scoop of whey protein. Also take a cup of milk and ensure that it is a low fat one.

Meal 2

Take one whole wheat bagel along with one tablespoon lettuce, mayo and tomato. Also include 5 ounce of tuna in water.

Meal 3

1 baked potato and 2 cups salad with olive oil dressing along with 8 ounce grilled chicken breast will be enough.

Meal 4

Include 4 ounce turkey breast sandwich along with two slices of whole wheat toast. Also take 2 slices of low fat cheese, tomato and one cup low fat milk.

Meal 5

One and a half cup brown rice along with two cups of salad and 6 ounce of grilled steaks makes your meal.

Meal 6

One scoop whey protein along with half cup almond and 6 ounce cottage cheese gives you enough energy.

If you want to develop more muscles on your body then take high calorie diet for five days and two days of low calorie food. If your aim is to reduce the fat and maintain shape then take five days of low calorie and two days of high calorie food.  In order to maintain a good physique you have to do lot of exercise coupled with taking proper food. You have to customize your diet as per your physical activity.