BLU-RAY –The Next Generation Storage Disc

BLU-RAY –The Next Generation Storage Disc


Cassettes, floppy, VCD, DVD, pen-drive had all evolved once and was at their peak. Like humans these electronic equipments do have their end after new ones adapts to their role, or it is more like Darwin’s theory of ‘Survival of the Fittest’. And the fittest AVATAR being BLU-RAY.

This storage medium or disc is destined to store HD videos; high precession games like play station 3 etc.It also has the capacity of storing data up to an amazing space of 100GB.This disc has looks similar to our VCD and DVD. Blue-violet laser is used to read and write data, casting it to spell BLU-RAY.

Precision Enabled Disc

Developed by BLU-RAY DISC ASSOCIATION, in the year 2001 and with its specification completed, leading to its circulation in countries like Australia, Japan and UK etc. Unlike other common optical disc, BLU-RAY DISC uses only a wavelength of around 405 Nanometers, thus making the disc available to store large amount of contents. With smaller wavelength, the LASER point is heavily concentrated leaving data to be written with great accuracy and precision. This disc also has a dual layer to hold more contents leaving it to higher specifications.

BLU-RAY Specifications

Coming to its specifications this disc has a capacity of 25 to 50GB for single layer and 50 to 100GB for dual layer. It has a block size of 64KB ECC.The encoded format includes that of MPEG-2, MPEG-4.The standard size being 8cm to 12 cm. 1920×1080 pixel resolution is required in order to write HD videos. The writing speed being 54mb/sec for 12 X drive. A mini BLU-RAY DISC is also available. Cartridges are used to hold these discs to avoid scratches. BLU-RAY is available in BD-R as well as BD-RE.

The first movie to be released in BLU-RAY disc was ‘Charlie’s Angels’ in the year 2003.There is increasing demand and support from Hollywood studios, Electronic company’s etc for its higher circulation. The clarity this disc gives is indeed like watching movies from theaters, that strong is its sound and picture quality. Let the new innovations like BLU-RAY DISC rule the world in the years to come.