Blockbuster OnDemand, MobiPoke & Platinum Home Security Apps Arrive For Smartphones

blockbuster-ondemand-app2 New apps are constantly pouring in the app stores of most popular cell phones. Soon movie buffs who own Motorola handsets could download blockbuster movies with the BLOCKBUSTER OnDemand app. For iPhone users a new messaging service named mobiPoke has arrived in the Apple App store. Both iPhone and BlackBerry users can use the Platinum Protection home security app to monitor activities back home from a remote location.

Blockbuster, the struggling video rental company, will soon open its video library for Motorola users. The BLOCKBUSTER OnDemand application will allow Motorola handset users to download movies listed on the digital library of Blockbuster. Depending on the display quality of your Motorola model, you can expect to enjoy thousands of movies from Blockbuster OnDemand service.

MobiPoke is a new messaging feature designed for iPhone users. It resembles the Poke application featured on Facebook. Just like your social network site’s Poke, you can use mobiPoke to exchange pokes or messages with friends. There are over 200 pokes divided into 15 different categories. You can always locate the poke appropriate for a particular situation. Poke is fast emerging as new messaging option. Instead of wasting your time to write a message, you can select a message written in a simple form.

MobiPoke will not only help iPhone users to remain connected with friends, but also it will help them to communicate in a funny way. Although, designed to function as a conversation starter, but nonetheless, mobiPoke can be used as an independent conversing system. It can also be used for sending customized SMS or sending instant messages. This new messaging application also allows iPhone users to post their pokes on Facebook or Twitter.

Two versions of mobiPoke are available in the Apple App Store. MobiPoke Lite is a free version of the app, whereas the feature packed mobiPoke Pro will cost $2.99.

Platinum Protection
To track activities in their homes, BlackBerry and iPhone users can download the Platinum Protection app on their devices. This home security app will provide live images of your home scene through video feeds. Moreover, you can remotely adjust the pan-tilt cameras installed in your homes with your smartphones.