Blinking Eye – Solution For Excess Blinking

Blinking is essential for lubricating the eyes. The sebum or natural lubricant, secreted by the sebaceous glands present on the rim of the eyelids, is evenly spread throughout the eyes through blinking. Blinking is a natural mechanism of preventing eye dryness and irritation. However, too much blinking might mean that something is perhaps wrong with your eye or may be you are suffering from an underlying health disorder.

Blinking eye –causes

Excess dryness of the eyes might promote excess blinking. Through blinking, your eye tries to hydrate itself. Too much blinking might occur when an irritant enters your eyes. Excess blinking develops as a symptom of the natural cleansing process needed to flush out the foreign substance from the eyes. Rapid blinking often develops when you wear contact lenses for a prolonged period. The debris accumulating on the contact lenses irritate the eyes, producing persistent blinking.

Persistent blinking is a common problem in children. Also known as tic, rapid blinking in children develops from stress. Several factors might lead to stress in children. Separation anxiety when the child leaves homes to go to school for the first time, discord in the family or going for a health or dental checkup can make the child anxious. Excess blinking could be a symptom of anxiety and stress in kids.

Rarely blinking is a symptom of an eye disease. Sensitivity to bright light can make a person blink rapidly when exposed to bright light. Neurological disorders could cause excess blinking. Aged people with Parkinson’s disease might suffer from lid spasm, which produces continuous blinking. Blinking along with facial twitching could be the signs of brain tumor.

Blinking eye – remedy

Blinking eye usually subsides naturally. Medical intervention is hardly needed for curing the blinking problem in children. You child will stop blinking as soon as he/she overcomes stress. If dry eyes cause persistent blinking, you can use artificial tear to lubricate your eyes. Contact lens wearers could get rid of the unusual blinking problem by frequently cleaning the lenses with good quality solution. Always use solutions free from preservatives or substances that might irritate your eyes. Wear lenses that permit circulation of air in the eyes.