Bleaching Your Hair At Home

Bleaching Your Hair At Home

Bleaching the hair will make your hair color lighter. There are beaching kits now available in market that helps to bleach your hair at home. But you must be very careful while beaching your hair otherwise it may ruin the entire effort and gives you a very bad look.  If you are planning to lighten your hair and you want to do it at home then the following steps may help you more.

Bleaching the Hair

For bleaching your hair the first thing you need is a perfect bleaching kit. Now a day a lot of bleaching kits are available in market and you need to select one that is good and fits to your budget. There are different bleaching kits for different hair colors and choose the one that is made for your natural hair color. Then make sure that the content in one packet is enough for your hair length or purchase one more kit.

Then read the directions given on then packet and do a sample test to make sure that you are not allergic. Then collect the necessaries like bowl, scissors and old towel. Most of the bleaching kits contain a bleach packet that you need to mix up with a liquid developer. Do the mixing as per the direction and make a creamy paste. Then apply the paste on your hair starting from the back of the head and end up on the front and top of the hair. Now cover your hair with a plastic cap.

Leave the beach on your hair up to the recommended time. If you keep the beach for more time then it may spoil your hair. It will be better to check the color of the hair after every ten minutes by washing two or three strands. Once it reaches the desired color then wash off the entire bleach from the hair. Then use shampoo to wash your hair and never forget to condition your hair. During the next 3 days try to avoid shampooing the hair and instead use conditioner regularly. This will give you a better hair color.