Blankets for Baby

Blankets for Baby

Baby blankets give lot of  comfort  to kids. Blankets helps to keep the babies warm and it is  a good item that can be gifted to a baby.  Baby blankets are available in different colors, shape, size and with beautiful characters designed on it.

There are different types of baby blankets like fleece blanket, cotton blanket, wool blanket, cashmere blanket and knit types. Here  is a small description about different types of baby blanket that helps you to choose the best for your young one.

Fleece Blanket

Fleece blanket is considered as one of the most common blanket used by many parents for their infants. This is because fleece blankets keeps your baby warm along with a soothing feeling. It helps the baby to sleep for long period and it won’t be too hot. It’s easy to mange this blanket as it needs to be washed once in a month.

Cashmere Blanket

They are light weight and very soft but still it helps to keep your baby warm. You can use this blanket to warp your baby and can also use it on his bed and stroller. For cleaning this blanket you need to wash it with hands. Cashmere blankets  are expensive .

Knit Baby Blanket

Knit baby blankets are hand made ones and here you can choose any color combination. For making blankets you can either choose crochet or needle. In order to make crochet baby blankets you can select any type of yarn having any color. But mostly the softer colors and yarns are used for making baby blankets. You can even choose a cashmere yarn. With needle you can quilt baby blankets with fleece cloth or regular fabric and can make soft blankets with variable and brilliant colors. You can even try embroidery on a normal soft blanket.

Cotton Baby Blanket

Cotton is something that everybody likes to wear just because of the comfort it gives on the skin. Similarly babies are also fond of cotton blankets. It is the softest blanket that is available for your baby and is very easy to manage.

There are also personalized baby blankets with different characters embedded in it. Wool blankets are also available that gives your baby protection during the winter. Most of the blankets are available in different sizes to match your needs.