BlackBerry Storm Gets V Cast Video, Bold Gets Visual Voicemail

blackberry-storm-gets-v-cast-video New apps that were earlier available on other smartphones are now arriving for BlackBerry users. BlackBerry Storm users can now access V Cast Video on Demand service of Verizon. BlackBerry Bold users can download Visual Voicemail on their handsets.

V Cast Video
V Cast Video on Demand is available on several feature phones that have Verizon as their carrier. This popular service of Verizon will now be available on BlackBerry Storm. BlackBerry Storm users can now watch movies and television shows on the go. V Cast Video offers over hundred full-length programs covering most cable networks. Soon after appearing on air, most popular television programs of nearly every category will be available for download from V Cast Video. V Cast Video on Demand service users will also not miss the live telecast of popular sporting actions. Live sport telecasts will include NHL hockey and college football tournaments.

BlackBerry Storm users who have subscribed to the unlimited data plan of Verizon Wireless, could access V Cast Video by adding $10 extra to their monthly subscription cost. To download V Cast Videos on Demand app, BlackBerry Storm users must click the VZ Today link in the phone’s browser. Select the V Cast Videos download link from Get Apps. After downloading this app, V Cast Video icon will be displayed on the home screen of the BlackBerry Storm handset, enabling Storm users to access their favorite programs directly from the home screen.

Visual Voicemail
Visual Voicemail will no longer remain confined to iPhones. BlackBerry Bold users can also access this app on their handsets. The upgraded version of the BlackBerry Bold operating system for AT&T will include Visual Voicemail. With the Visual Voicemail app, BlackBerry Bold users can store up to forty voicemails for a fortnight.

You can save voicemails in the internal storage space of your BlackBerry Bold handset or store them on a memory card. This app also allows users to forward voicemails in the form of MMS to others. You can also attach the voicemails to emails. Phone numbers in the inbox of your Visual Voicemail inbox can be transferred to your address book. All the exciting features of Visual Voicemail will be available free of cost.