Bird Feeders

By installing bird feeders, bird watchers try to attract birds around their home. Bird feeders are available in pet supplies stores. You can even make bird feeders at home.

Window bird feeder
You don’t need a garden to install bird feeders. If you are living in an apartment, you can install a window bird feeder. Usually there are two types of window bird feeders – bird feeders that could be mounted on the windowsill and bird feeders attached to the window glass with suction cups. Bird feeders attached to window glasses are smaller. They are suitable for housing limited number of small birds. The excess weight of the birds could upset these window feeders. Windowsill feeders are larger and are suitable for large windows. Window bird feeders are easy to clean. You can easily fill them with bird foods. They give you an opportunity to watch the birds from close quarters.

Tray feeder
You can easily build a tray bird feeder. It is simply a flat surface mounted on a tall stand. To prevent the bird food from drying, a roof should be constructed on top of the tray. Tiny drainage holes should be present to prevent water logging after the rains. You can even build a birdhouse with walls and roofs. Wood and plastic are commonly used for building bird feeders.

Tube feeder
Tube feeder consists of a hollow cylinder. It has perches where the bird can sit and feed.

Squirrel free feeders
To keep the foods meant for your feathered friends away from squirrels, you should install squirrel proof bird feeders. Window bird feeders are usually safe from squirrel menace. To prevent squirrels from invading the normal bird feeders, you should mount the bird feeder on poles that are at least 5 feet above the ground. The feeder should be at least 10 feet away from the nearest tree. You can even construct a wired mesh around the bird feeder. Instead of placing the feeder on a pole, you can hang the feeder from a strong rope in your yard. However, squirrels are extremely intelligent creatures. No matter whatever mechanism you try to prevent them from accessing your bird feeder, the squirrels might device innovative methods to invade the feeder.