Bioionic Treatment For Hair Straightening

bioionic treatment If you are someone with frizzy unmanageable hair, that at times can be quite embarrassing, you can visit a hair stylist for bioionic hair straightening treatment. Also known as ionic hair retexturising treatment, bioionic hair straightening treatment originated in Japan. Bioionic treatment is believed to be a safe hair straightening method, which works on nearly every type of hair.

Benefits of bioionic treatment
Unlike conventional chemical straighteners or relaxers, bioionic hair straightening treatment is not harmful for the hair. The mild chemical ingredients used in this hair straightening technique do not damage the hair. On the other hand, people who have damaged their hair with excess use of harsh chemicals could benefit from this hair restructuring method. It helps to lock in the natural moisture of the hair, producing soft and smooth straight hair. Moreover, bionic hair straightening treatment requires least maintenance. To retain the appearance of your hair, depending on how fast your hair grows, you would need to undergo two to four bioionic hair straightening sessions every year.

Bioionic hair straightening procedure
Natural negative ions have been used for centuries in Japan as a natural remedy for healing the body and the mind. The bioionic hair straightening treatment has made use of the negative ion to break down water molecules into micro particles that can penetrate into each individual hair shaft. The hair straightening system uses patented Natural Ion Complex Retexturising System and a permanent straightener based on Natural Ion Complex. A typical bioionic hair straightening session usually last for three to four hours.

First, an Ionic Relaxant shampoo is used for washing the hair. After shampooing, pre-treatment haircare products are applied on the hair. Natural Ion Complex formula is then applied. After sometime, the hair is rinsed to remove the formula. It is then blow dried using the Bio Ionic Hair Dryer and ironed with Bio Ionic Retexturising Iron. For the next three days after your bioionic hair straightening treatment, you should avoid applying water or conditioner on your hair. Minimal chemical usage during the hair straightening process ensures emission of minimal odor. You are least likely to experience any burning or itching with the use of these products.