Better health options with Gooseberry

gooseberry Gooseberry fruit is a gift from the nature to mankind. This fruit has been used by the people all over the world since many decades and forms an indispensable part of the ayurvedic and unanai medicine. Because of the many useful nutrients of the fruit, it is used to treat many common diseases. This fruit has the richest source of vitamin C in the plant kingdom. Gooseberry has twenty times more vitamin compared to orange, so this fruit has been used for the treatment of scurvy. The vitamin of the fruit does not decrease with cooking. All the parts of the tree are beneficial to the human beings, but the most essential part is its fruit.

Gooseberry is used to reduce the risk of heart attacks. We know that cholesterol is the main source of life in the human body. The unused cholesterol gets collected in the blood vessels, resulting in heart attack. Gooseberry helps to dilate the blood vessels and thus helping to clear the unused cholesterol. It is also advised to consume the mixture of gooseberry powder and sugar candy in a glass of water every morning in empty stomach, for proper maintaining the cholesterol levels.

Gooseberry also helps to reduce diabetes, which is caused by the malfunctioning of the pancreas. If someone is suffering from acute acidity then the powder of the fruit should be mixed with little sugar and milk or water and consumed twice daily. It helps to get relief from the acidity.

The exotic fruit also helps to prevent graying of hair and hair fall. If you mix the powder with water in an iron vessel, it acts as a shampoo, a conditioner and a dye for the hair. The application should be applied regularly. All today’s top brands of cosmetics use this fruit for the purpose of hair care.