Bermuda Holiday

bermuda-holiday The wonderful pink sand beaches, the colonial architecture and the scenic reef life make Bermuda a popular tourist destination. Bermuda is noted for its expensive holiday trips. International celebrities rely on the sun kissed beaches of this island for a romantic escapade.

Nonetheless, Bermuda is also the vacationing spot for ordinary mortals.

Arriving here
Before arriving in Bermuda, make sure that you have a valid passport. You can opt for an expensive travel on a yacht or a cruise ship to the island. However, for a short vacation, air travel is preferable. You can access direct flights to Bermuda from London and several cities of USA and Canada.

Bermuda attractions
Start your trip from the City of Hamilton. This seaside capital of Bermuda is the place to party in the night. The beauty of the reef life will force you to pick up your diving gears, and plunge in the blue waters of the ocean. Elbow beach in Paget Parish is the place where you can explore the coral reef and the famous shipwrecks. The sparkling white water of Southampton Parish will tempt you to go on a kayaking trip. The Tobacco Bay will give you an opportunity to watch the corals and limestone structures underneath the ocean water. The Horseshoe Bay with its picturesque pink beaches is the place to laze in the sun. The Crystal Caves are another attraction of Bermuda. Here you will be impressed by the stalactite and stalagmite formations in the subterranean caves. You can also play a game of golf in Port Royal Golf Course, a popular designer golf course of the island.

Bermuda is also home to several bird and animal species. You can hike to the Spittal Pond Nature Reserve to watch the brilliant avian species of Bermuda. To get a closer glimpse of the wildlife and marine life of Bermuda, visit Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo.

Before leaving the island, spend some time exploring the Town of St George. This World Heritage site is the oldest surviving British town in the New World.