Bentonite Clay – Benefits Of Medicinal Clay

It is of no use reiterating the healing power of medicinal clays. For centuries, people have traveled to the volcanic sites and explored the mineral laden seabed to collect medicinal clays. Bentonite clay is one such medicinal clay that is known for its detoxification property.

Bentonite clay is obtained from volcanic ash. Also known as, montmoreillonite, bentonite clay is available in two forms, calcium bentonite and sodium bentonite. While sodium bentonite is primarily meant for industrial use, calcium bentonite is used for medicinal purposes.

Benefits of bentonite clay

Skin care

Clay masks are widely used for cleansing and rejuvenating the skin. Calcium bentonite clay is a common ingredient in clay facials. The amazing healing properties of bentonite clay could be used for Bentonite clay It acts as an excellent exfoliating agent. By removing the dirt and oil accumulating in the pores of the skin, bentonite clay could open the clogged pores. Using bentonite clay based face pack, at least twice a week, is usually sufficient for preventing acne, blackheads and white heads.

Moreover, this medicinal clay is capable of removing pathogens and toxins, responsible for skin infections and premature aging of the skin, from the surface of the skin. Initially after applying the bentonite clay mask, you might notice mild redness of the skin. Your pimples might worsen after using the bentonite clay mask. Do not panic when you notice these changes on your skin. These are signs of the bentonite clay doing its detoxification job.

Eating clay is another option for treating acne. If you are prone to acne, having one tablespoon of hydrated bentonite clay daily or 1 ounce of liquid bentonite clay twice a day could solve your problem.


Bentonite clay is a powerful detoxification agent. It could absorb toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, viruses and free radicals from your body. Bentonite clay is consumed for cleansing the colon. For colon cleansing, you can take 1 to 4 tablespoons of liquid bentonite clay on empty stomach. Bentonite clay can be used as a laxative for treating chronic constipation. This medicinal clay is beneficial for the health of the gut. It could help to cure indigestion, acidity and heartburn. Bentonite clay could flush out parasites from the intestine. It could be used as a medicine for healing fever, anemia and allergies.