Benefits Of Music On Infants

infantmusic Studies have shown that music plays an important role in aiding the development of a child. Since the dawn of civilization, mothers irrespective of their ethnicity hum lullabies to help their babies fall asleep. Researchers have found that music can indeed calm down infants.

Benefits of music
There are several benefits of listening to music during early childhood. It helps to build the listening and verbal skills of the child. Music is believed to aid cognitive development in babies.

Music for premature babies
Music is especially beneficial for premature babies. Researchers have observed that music could help premature babies to cope with pain. It also helps to improve oral feeding habits of premature infants, helping them to gain weight faster. Moreover, music could also improve heart and lung functions. By playing music in the neonatal units of hospitals, the span of hospital stay for the premature babies could be significantly reduced.

Forms of music
It is difficult to say which form of music is exactly beneficial for babies. Researchers have tried different forms of music including traditional lullabies, wordless lullabies, heartbeats, womb sound and even Mozart. Infants, it seems, positively responds to most forms of music. In a recent study conducted in Israel it was found that Mozart’s compositions could help to reduce the metabolism rate of premature babies, helping them to gain their normal weight rapidly. Researchers have observed that by listening to a Mozart CD for about 30 minutes, the metabolism rate of premature infants would reduce by up to 13 percent.

How to play the music
To derive the benefits of music, you should play the right music in the right manner. The music that you are playing should be soft and soothing. You should not play it too loud. Take care that no other sound in the background causes any distraction while your child is listening to the music. A parent should always be present with the child while the music is being played. Interact with your child and observe how he is reacting to the music. This helps to enhance the child’s bonding with the parent. Avoid playing loud and fast music. It would make your child uncomfortable. Turn on your music player at a specific time of the day.