Benefits of Ginger

ginger Long known for its aromatic properties and its use in cooking, ginger has a number of health benefits. It has been used in the Orient since the ancient times for its health-giving properties. Gingerols and shogaols, volatile oils found in ginger, are responsible for ginger’s potent medicinal properties.

The Various Health Benefits of Ginger:

1. Good for the Digestive System

Ginger is known to promote bile flow thereby stimulating digestion. It is also effective in calming an upset stomach and also known to give relief to menstrual cramps and nausea. You can also take ginger before a meal to fight indigestion as it relieves bloating. Ginger is said to be good in treating gastric ulcers and high cholesterol.

2. Promotes Circulation

Ginger is known to promote blood circulation in the pelvic region whereby boosting the health in the reproductive systems in both the sexes. So use a little ginger in your cooking to give yourself this benefit.

3. Effective against Morning Sickness

Ginger is quite effective against morning sickness. So, it would be advisable for pregnant women to take a little of this wonder food to help settle your feeling of nausea. You can either directly take a little ginger or have ginger tea whichever suits you.

4. To Treat Colds

Ginger comes in handy while treating common cold. It helps to decongest and gives a lot of relief. It is also good for treating flu for it can warm the upper respiratory tract and thus, give relief to the patients.

5. Motion Sickness

Studies suggest that ginger is more effective in treating seasickness than a placebo. It is also effective against motion sickness as it helps to settle the stomach. Take a little ginger at least half an hour before you start your journey to give yourself relief.

6. Mouth Freshener

Ginger acts as a great mouth freshener, as it is quite effective against bad breath. A cup of ginger tea not just acts as a mouth freshener but is also very refreshing and helps in stress relief.