Belly Fat in Men

Belly Fat in Men

Fat on belly is a major problem seen in most of the men and is considered as a great risk for their health. Compared to women men have more tendency to develop fat around their waist. In order to know whether you have more fat accumulation on your belly will be evident from your  waist size. If you have a waist size of more than 102 centimeters or 40 inches then you are at great risk of having diseases.

Risk Factors for Gaining Belly Fat

According to age you may have a tendency to loss muscles and the muscle loss in turn reduces the body’s capacity to burn calories. This may lead to increased accumulation of fat. If you have good physical activity or if you can limit your calorie intake then you can get over this problem easily.

The genes that are inherited  also play a role in determining the fat accumulation and obesity. Similarly your lifestyle also play a role in  fat accumulation. If you are a person who used to drink a lot of beer then you may soon develop beer belly but if you are taking two drinks a week may help you to reduce calories.

Health Risk due to Belly Fat

High amount of fat accumulation may leads to heart disease, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, abnormal lipids, diabetes, sleep apnea, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, high triglycerides etc in men. Sometimes it may also lead to the development certain types of cancers.

Tips to Avoid Belly Fat

In order to avoid the accumulation of fat on your belly you need to do good exercise. A middle aged man attains fitness with brisk walking for about 30 minutes for about six days a week. You can also do exercises that can tense your stomach muscles like pulling your naval in to the spine and repeat it three times a day.

You can do this exercise by standing or sitting. If you are practicing moderate exercises then do it for two and a half hours per week. If it’s a vigorous exercise then one hour an fifteen minutes are sufficient in a week.

Also reduce your calorie intake and try to have healthy foods.