Belly Fat Diet

Excess body fat is bad for your health. However, the exact risks associated with excess body fat usually depend on the sites of the fat buildup in the body. Health experts have observed that compared to people with fat thighs, hands and buttocks, those with excess abdominal fat have a greater risk of heart ailments, hypertension and diabetes. Therefore, for healthy living, you should try to shrink your belly fat.

If you have an apple shaped body, a carefully selected diet plan and aerobic exercises could help to flatten your belly.

Belly fat diet

Researchers, health experts and fitness trainers recommend a high protein and low carbohydrate and low fat diet for melting the belly fat. People striving to lose belly fat should abandon the traditional food pyramid comprising of 50 to 55 percent carbohydrate, between 15 and 20 percent protein and not more than 30 percent fat.

Reduce calorie intake

Cutting down your regular calorie intake is the first step you should take to reduce belly fat. Decrease your total calorie consumption by about 10 to 15 percent. Both overeating and fasting or skipping meals contribute to fat buildup. Spread your daily calorie requirement over four small meals and one to two small snacks. The calorie content in each meal should not be more than 400 calories.

Consume fruits, vegetables and MUFA

Replace your refined carbohydrate and sugary dishes with fruits and vegetables. Some studies have shown that abdominal fat could be lost by consuming monounsaturated fatty acids or MUFA. These healthy fatty acids are found in avocado, olive, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, flaxseed oil, walnuts, peanut and dark chocolates. Cooking oils such as canola oil, sunflower oil, olive oil and safflower oil contain large amounts of monounsaturated fats.


A protein rich diet helps to build the lean muscles. Regular consumption of low fat milk and dairy products, three to four times a day, could help to shrink your belly fat. Eggs, especially egg whites, are recommended for burning abdominal fat. Vitamin B12 found in eggs is noted for its powerful fat burning property. You can have fish and seafood at least thrice a week. Occasionally you can include lean meats in your meals.