Bellperre Luxury Phones Now Made Of Wood

Bellperre Finest Wood If you are a big spender, willing to spend a fortune for stylish luxury cell phones, Bellperre has brought a new luxury phone collection for you. Similar to other luxury phone brands, the Bellperre luxury phones have used unique materials to drape the body of the Bellperre handsets. After launching phones embellished with silver and gold, Bellperre has given its upcoming phone collection an earthier look. Its latest collection comprises of a series of wood crafted luxury phones.

Bellperre Finest Wood Collection
Fine wood body
The woods used for handcrafting the cover of the latest Bellperre luxury phones are obtained from the sustainable forests. To give a classic appearance to the handsets, Bellperre has used walnut or elm. If you prefer a more contemporary looking luxury handset, you can opt for the Bellperre luxury phones made out of zebrano or wenge. To give its customers the finest quality cell phone, Bellperre is willing to customize each individual handset to cater to the unique taste of the buyer.

You can choose from a wide range of colors and materials to customize your handset. You can acquire tailor made handsets wrapped in exotic leathers, including shark, crocodile, lizard and buffalo hide. You can also embellish your Bellperre luxury phone handset with diamonds and precious stones, and with logos, initials or personal messages engraved on the cover. Each Bellperre handset is handmade by master artisans in Holland.

Technical features
Similar to other luxury phone models, the Bellperre handsets carry only basic cell phone features. It sports a 2 inches scratch resistant TFT display, made out of sapphire crystal. The keypad of the handset is made out of brushed stainless steel and the buttons are made out of solid metal. The 100mm long, 44mm wide and 15.5mm thick body of the Bellperre handset weighs 120 grams. The phone carries a camera, equipped with camcorder and video player.

This phone supports stereo Bluetooth, PC syncing and hands free calling. A MP3 music player is integrated in the handset. Running on the Windows Mobile operating system, the Bellperre phone can be used for instant messaging through the preinstalled MSN Messenger. This unlocked luxury phone will run on the GSM network.