Being Friendly with Your Children

friendly-with-your-children Life is no more what it was one or two decades ago. Kids are no more that easy to tackle; rather the new generation kids are much more intelligent than us. Sometimes it is very difficult to deal with these children. The more you become harsh with them, the more they become aggressive. So, you have to be diplomatic with them. Be their friend and you will see it will be much easier for you handle your kids. Check out the following tips on how to be friendly with your children.

The nature of every child is that they don’t listen to you especially when you behave firmly with them. To deal with the aggressiveness of the kids, you have to become their friend. If you can be close to your kids, they will listen to your words and will be much more obedient. In fact children react much easier with friendly parents rather than with parents who are rude to them.

Appreciate your Kids: Whenever your kids do some good job whether in studies or anything, you must appreciate them. Children appreciation and they get motivated when someone encourages them. Give them chocolates at every small success and encourage them to do well further.

Allow Some Freedom to Them: Though they are little kids, you need to consider their needs. Sometimes you should allow them to do whatever they want. Keeping them always under your rules may not prove to be a very healthy practice for your children. Besides, it will take also create a distance between you and your children.

Share Secrets with them: Share your secrets with your kids and you will notice that they will also start sharing their little secrets with you. If they find you friendly enough they will automatically depend on you and obey your words.

Participate in his Games: Find some time to sit with your child and play with him. Participate in the games he plays everyday. This will make an impression that you are his friend and not only a guardian. He will be freer with you and will be encouraged to share his life with you.