Being chivalrous: how you can follow chivalry

man-opening-door-for-woman Chivalry is associated with courtesy, consideration and kindness. The age of knights has passed, but the qualities that defined a knight aren’t obsolete. Everyone could use a little bit of courtesy, respect and bravery in today’s world.

Relationships between men and women have changed over the ages. The knight-in-shining-armor and damsel-in-distress act no longer works as most women can take care of themselves. They are independent and strong and don’t need to be rescued.

Nevertheless, this should not create the wrong impression that they don’t need to be treated with respect. It is necessary to be chivalrous; but update the code to modern times so you don’t end up offending the woman.

Little gestures: Ladies first

Holding the door open for a woman is one of the basic chivalrous acts. Does this mean the woman is incapable of opening the door herself? No! It just means that you’re showing common courtesy and respect.

Women inclined towards feminist tendencies should understand that there is no ulterior motive behind this gesture. Remember you’re not so weak that a man can establish your dependence by simply opening a door for you. Receive such gestures politely with a ‘thank you’.

At restaurants or any other place, pulling out the chair for the woman might lead to disasters. Instead just wait for her to be seated first and then sit down your self.

A helping hand

This act of chivalry applies not only to men and women but people in general. Men need to offer assistance to a woman if she is carrying heavy bags.

Also in buses or trains, offer your seat to a woman who is standing with heavy luggage. It is courteous, generally, to do this for any elderly person, irrespective of gender.

Honor your word

Honor is an important part of the chivalry code. Stick to your word at all times, unless it’s a serious emergency. This means remembering dinner dates, not forgetting to call, keeping the promises you make and being loyal always.

So keep chivalry alive by being chivalrous!