Become A Foster Parent

Becoming a foster parent is not an easy task. Foster parents are expected to provide kids a safe home, where they can grow and develop. Usually a child is expected to live with his/her biological parents. However, if the child’s biological parents fail to provide proper care or if a child has an abusive mom or dad, the state would intervene. The local authorities would keep the child in the safe custody of the foster parents. The child might stay with the foster parents overnight, for several months, or even for few years.

How to become a foster parent
Any person irrespective of gender, marital status, age, race and religion could become a foster parent. However, a foster parent should be a law-abiding citizen of the country. He/she should be capable of taking proper care of the child. People interested to become foster parents are usually trained to handle foster children by the foster agencies. You should have enough space in your home for a child.

To become a foster parent you should have at least a large bedroom for the child. Foster agencies allow people with steady income and stable jobs to keep foster children in their homes. However, monetary assistance is often given to raise foster children. Being a foster parent could be a rewarding experience if you know how to handle your job properly.

Duties of a foster parent
Before becoming a foster parent, remember that you have to deal with unhappy kids. It is difficult for a child to leave his/her home. You might be surprised to realize that your foster child is not grateful to you for your kindness.

Foster parents should be extremely kind to their foster children. Your foster child might reject you initially. A foster parent is not expected to lose his/her anger. You can always win the heart of a child with true love.

Often foster children experience cultural shock. Do not impose your culture on the child. Give the child the food he/she prefers. Encourage the child to share recipes.

If you have several foster children or your own biological children are staying with you, don’t show preference to your biological child or another foster child. Treat all the children in your household equally.