Beating Office Related Stress

office-related-stress Office related stress could ruin your physical and mental health. Overcoming office stress is a major challenge for both men and women. However, you can easy beat stress through some prudent steps.

Love life for beating stress
According to a recent study by researchers of University of Gothenburg, a healthy love life can reduce office-related stress. People, who have a congenial relation with their partner, were both mentally and physically healthy. Mental stress worsened when people had poor or bad relation with their partners. However, compared to people who had bad relationship with their partners, people who had mediocre relationship with their partners suffered from even more work related anxiety, depression and stress.

According to researchers, people with mediocre relationship, while trying to improve their personal relationship, became more stressed in their work life. Compared to men, office related stress was worse for women who had poor relationship with their husbands or boyfriends. Therefore, if you want to beat your work related stress, develop your love life with your partner.

Talk about your problems
Often we tend to hide our office problems from everyone around us. This only helps to increase your stress further. Find someone who is willing to listen to your problems. This person might be your spouse, friend, relative, parent or even your co-worker. They might not provide you a solution to your problem. But by simply talking freely to someone will help to reduce your stress. According to a University of Rochester study, men who took the support of their co-workers were less depressed than men who didn’t ask co-worker for help.

Find time for entertainment
Being a workaholic will only increase your stress. Find time for entertainment. Try to go on a weekend vacation. Dedicate at least half an hour to pursue your hobby. Listening to music, watching TV, reading a thriller or cooking an exotic dish can help to reduce your work related stress. Even taking a brisk walk early in the morning, before going to work, is beneficial for your mental health. To beat stress you can also spend some time in the gym. Exercising can help to beat stress. Breathing exercises are particularly suitable for relaxing your mind. Meditation is always recommended to cope with all forms of stress.