Beach Fashion

A beach vacation is not only about sun bathing and swimming. It is also about displaying your fashion sense. Even with the not so encouraging vital statistics, you can attract the admiring gaze of the beach crowd by donning the perfect beach outfit. Here are some beach fashion tips that could help you to dress up on your next beach vacation.

Swimwear trend

To appear trendy and fashionable, you should select swimwear according to the latest fashion trend. As fashion changes every year, you should be prepared to buy a new swimsuit before moving ahead with your beach vacation. Cutaway swimwear will be the hottest swimwear trend for the spring and summer of this year. Taking cue from the runaway trend, you can sport a one-piece monokini or a two-piece bikini with boob tube. You could even sport the one-shoulder swimsuits on the beaches this year. You can even opt for a single-shoulder bikini or monokini with the cutaway design. If you come across a halter neck top swimsuit in the apparel store, don’t forget to pick it up for your beach vacation.

Choose the swimwear that is perfect for your figure. Women who are skinny or have small boobs should wear bikinis with extra padding. You can choose bold and revealing two-piece or one-piece cutaways to reveal a greater part of your body. Halter neck swimsuits are appropriate for pear shaped figures. They make the shoulders appear broader. Halter neck is also suitable for skinny women. To give your body a curvier appearance, select swimsuits with diagonal stripes. Tall women could try swimsuits with horizontal strips or bold patterns and prints.


Oversized sunglasses are most suitable for the beach. Big sunglasses will not only protect your eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, but they will also cover some parts of your cheek from the scorching sun. For footwear, flip-flops are always the perfect choice for walking on the sand. Choose colorful flip-flops or sandals for your beach vacation. Don’t forget to carry a large colorful bag or tote. For a beach picnic, you can carry a cool beach basket.