Be the perfect best man

perfect-best-man It’s an honor that your best friend has selected you among all other friends to be his best man. On your part, you need to ensure that his wedding day is smooth and trouble-free. The groom and members of both families may depend on you on the wedding day.

The best man has many responsibilities. He helps the groom find a wedding tuxedo. He handles other specific duties as well. The perfect best man will not only take care of these jobs but also ensure that the groom doesn’t have anything to worry about at the last minute.

Bachelor’s night
The bachelor party is generally a night of drinks, games and fun. As a best man, you need to organize this event and make sure that everything is taken care of. Remember that this is a party for the groom. Planning something he will hate even if you think it’s ‘trendy’ can make you a failure as a best man.

A strong support
Remember that the groom is entering into a new phase of his life. He will be nervous, excited, agitated or tense – or all of the above. At the last minute, he may turn to you for few words of reassurance. Ensure that you play your part right; ‘you do the crime, you do the time’ is not what the groom needs to hear.

Ring guard
Ring bearers younger than five years old cannot be trusted to keep the ring safe. Also, in the absence of a ring bearer, you need to take care of the ring. Losing the ring is probably the worst mistake you could make.

Best speech
Unless the host of the party gives the first speech, you will have to do the honors. You can make the speech funny, touching, or simple and straightforward, but avoid saying anything that will ruin the mood of the celebration.

Make yourself indispensable as the best man, until, during and after the wedding. It’ll be worth it – women notice a handsome, trustworthy man who looks smart in a tuxedo!